Our Approach – Land and Expand


With our approach LAND AND EXPAND, we launch the website at the earliest and accelerate as you grow. Requirements may change for a variety of reasons. The web design platform may become obsolete; Companies may merge. Blue Stack understands that change is inevitable.

  1. We deliver the website early and continuously.
  2. Measuring success. Over a decade of experience has taught us that a live website is the primary measure of progress.

It does not take long to find a website design agency online. Every website design agency is unique but they all start with one thing in common, that is, the method of doing. They go through the five phases. Such as requirements study, analysis, design, testing and support. Is there any loophole in this strategy? Clearly, there are two issues.

  1. The customer does not get to see the website before the early testing phase.
  2. You could be in the deployment phase. Then only you would realize that the website you are building was no longer viable.


Our process begins with planning. After a careful analysis of requirements, our team starts with a good design. Then continue to work on growing the website. Our team then uses web analytics to know where your website traffic comes from and how to make the most of it. Unlike other website design company, we record the user activity as a video and study user behaviour. Besides, we take frequent feedback from the customer. It allows us to align our work more closely with your goals.


  • Get a working version quickly
  • Able to adopt small changes easily
  • Building only required features leads to reduce cost
  • Reduce the risk of paying the full amount for the design and uncompleted project.
  • Get frequent feedback from the customer

Land and Expand Website Design Approach

Website Designing and Digital Marketing

We work to land a website that provides some business value as soon as possible. The team then gets together to review the website design and progress. Blue stack welcomes changing requirements, even late in development.  Our team view change positively and work with the customer to support changes.

Develop Web and Mobile Applications

Like all our projects begin with planning, there is no difference in app development. Our teams develop apps iteratively and incrementally. . At that point, we inspect and adapt all aspects of the team’s process and approach.

Are Land and Expand fit for your project?

Our process allows us to estimate the cost and plan logically. Together we worked through a detailed plan. We land the website at the earliest and accelerate as you grow.  We use video recording to see the accurate actions of your visitors. Then understand the path taken by your customers, to be able to optimize your site accordingly.